Best Art Museums in New Zealand

If you are in New Zealand, you should consider visiting the many art museums that they have. You do not have to be an artist to enjoy the artistic representation of society that is found in art museums. There are many options for places you can visit, and some of the best art museums in New Zealand include the following.

Auckland Art Gallery

This is a public art museum located in Auckland in New Zealand. It is considered to be one of the places where you can get exclusive international and local pieces of art. There are always many travelling international exhibitions. It is among the earliest art museums to be set in New Zealand in 1888. The gallery attracts thousands of people from all over the world, and in 2009, an American businessman called Julian Robertson donated $100 million to the gallery, and it was considered to be the highest amount the institution has received since inception.

Adam Art Gallery

Located in Wellington, this art museum was set up in 1997 by two art enthusiasts Tina Barton and Jenny Harper who are passionate about museums. It was officially opened to the public in 1999 by the Governor-General of New Zealand Sir Michael. The gallery is situated in between Old Kirk building, students Union building and Hunter building of the Victoria University. The museum is often used for art exhibitions, lectures, and talks about art. Some of the shows they have had include contemporary art from Asian countries such as Taiwan, different forms of art from New Zealand and American artists, among others.

Canterbury museum

Located in Christchurch in New Zealand, the Canterbury Museum is considered one of the most significant cultural marks of the country. It was established in 1867 as a single-storied building that was expanded over the years. The 2011 earthquake that hit Christchurch did not affect the building much due to its solid structure. It has assorted photographs, videos, and a variety of images from artists around the world.

Dowse Art Museum

The Dowse Art Museum is located in Lower Hutt, and it is a municipal gallery. It was opened to the public in 1971, and it used to be a single building near the municipality facilities, but it was remodelled in 2013. It prides itself in taking in works of art from upcoming artists. It was named after mayor Percy Dowse and his wife Mary who were passionate about arts and social work. Initially, the gallery was located at the War memorial library but was moved to a new building when Mary died in a road accident in 1964.

Pataka Art Museum

This is a municipal museum that also serves as an art gallery in Porirua in New Zealand. It is known for bringing together artists from different countries to showcase their talent and network. They also have regular exhibitions where they auction pieces of art, and enthusiastic artists get together to discuss the pieces they have produced over the years.

Waikato Museum

This is a regional museum that is located in Hamilton. It is managed by the city council, and it has several art pieces from different parts of the country. It has an ArtsPost and space for art and design pieces to be showcased. One of the things that stand out about the museum is the Tongue of the dog sculpture by Michael Parekowhai that attracts thousands of visitors to the museum every year.

World of Wearable Art Museum

This is a design competition that is recognised all over the world, and it brings together artists from more than 40 countries every year. They have artists showcasing wearable arts that are original, creative and unique. It is often slotted to last for about three weeks, and it is reported to bring together more than 60,000 people who love art. It is always held in Wellington.

There is another such museum in Nelson, New Zealand, and they host World of Wearable Art and classic cars. It was established in 2001, and it brings wearable designs alongside about 140 classic cars for the show.