New Zealand Art Classes

Both domestic citizens and international visitors can enjoy the numerous art classes that New Zealand has to offer. This country has a rich cultural history that is influenced by several different sources. This includes Maori culture, early European settlers and immigrants who came from all over the world. Modern New Zealand art also takes a plethora of forms from the traditional to new. Students can learn a broad range of these or focus on one specific art form, such as painting or sculpture.

Community Centres

A lot of large towns will have a community centre. These places make ideal venues for art classes and workshops. It is also a cheaper option than paying to attend a school or university. There is also less commitment in terms of the amount of time required. Usually, a local course will take place once a week. This is the perfect option for absolute beginners.


If people want the best possible art education, then they will need to attend a school or university course. Classes of this type will be taught by experts and once completed students will be awarded a certificate or degree. Most of the main universities in New Zealand teach at least one art programme. Potential students will need to consider several factors when choosing the best one for them. This will include the location of the campus, pricing, the nature of the course, and how it will help them to achieve their future goals.

Popular Class Types


Painting predates historical records and has been found in early Maori dwellings. Throughout the centuries several New Zealand painters have distinguished themselves. Painting students can learn the history of this art form and use influences of the past to create great modern work.

Performing Arts

This is one of the broadest forms of modern art. It encompasses a variety of categories such as dance, acting, puppetry and illusion. A theatre space is often used as the venue for performances. New Zealand universities have many performing arts classes to enrol in. The University of Auckland has a revered dance course that can help students turn pro. People who want to have a career in theatre will have a much better chance of success if they study on these types of courses.


New Zealand has one of the most beautiful landscapes on Earth. It is the perfect place to take great-looking pictures. Anyone can be a photographer. Classes of this type will teach students how to increase their skills and take the best looking photos possible.

Film Making

Perhaps the most famous New Zealand filmmaker is Peter Jackson. He founded the special effects studio Weta which regularly puts on educational workshops. There are also classes focusing on other aspects of film making which can be found scattered across the country. Several universities also have film studies courses. However, these tend to be more theoretical in nature.

Artist Q&As

New Zealand has produced a great many artists. These people will regularly put on exhibitions where they talk about their latest work. Q&A events give the public an opportunity to learn from successful people in the art world. The information they provide can help people to decide their own artistic path, including which classes to study.

Skill Levels

One of the best things about New Zealand having so many art classes is that there are enough to suit any skill level. If a student is aware of their own individual level, then this will help them choose the most suitable course. Not doing this could lead to them ending up on a course that is either too difficult or easy.


It is also possible to become a teacher in the art field. In order to do this, the candidate will need a good level of expertise in this area. For instance, successful ballet dancers will often go on to teach the subject when they get older. As well as a decent knowledge, art teachers also require certain skills including organisation, time management and the ability to control their classroom.